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Experiencing authentic, cultural and adventurous hikes while staying in the wild. BornToBeWild offers weekend packages and unique expeditions to unmapped wild destinations. Learn basic survival skills and enjoy the outdoors with friends or colleagues during beautiful hikes including wildcamping.

Planned adventurous and cultural hiking expeditions to unmapped mountains

We are working on very specific and uncommon expeditions to wildlife and forests that are unmapped. These mountains and forests can only be discovered with a local guide...


For who ?

Definitely for Indians, Cowboys, Vikings, Preppers or any kind of adventurous person. Survivalists and bushcrafters who want to extend their horizons and want to visit uncommon and authentic destinations with a local guide while sleeping in the wild. Mini clans, teams, friends who seek a more adventurous birthday or bachelor weekend in the wild. People who want to prepare for future long hikes or survival Friends, family, colleagues who seek quality time.

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