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BornToBeWild is all about sharing! Sharing our secret spots to have quality time ... Sharing healthy adventure for body and mind in an eco-friendly way ... Sharing our experience that it is possible to go for long hiking adventures without fancy noisey hotels ... Sharing how fun it was as a kid to build camps…but it is even more fun as adult! ... Sharing our passion and skills. Including tasty bushcraft food!

Jelle and Didier are creative city escape artists. We are always up to adventure and specialized ourselves hiking around the wild Vosges in France. Allowing us to hike and bivac in rough conditions. Together they discovered beautiful authentic views. But also they learned to cooperate in order to make each expedition a success.

Together they want to share their energy and want to be reborn in this project BornToBeWild! Making it a community in which we share knowledge. And share many hiking adventures with all those who wish to hike around the world and seek PURE quality time.

Planned adventurous and cultural hiking expeditions to unmapped mountains

We are working on very specific and uncommon expeditions to wildlife and forests that are unmapped. These mountains and forests can only be discovered with a local guide...

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