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Discover our secret location with it’s unique character. 5 hectare wildcamp on a hill with unique bushcraft shelters. Grow your bushcraft skills and breathe pure nature during a hike. BornToBeWild forest is really out of the common. You will stay on a hill side next to a river. It can only be reached by hiking or by Kayaking. So adventure starts right here!

✓ Location is facing a river and that part is specially known for ancient legends.

✓ You will sleep on a hill with uncommon elevation.

✓ All bushcraft shelters are unique and are handcrafted camps made with materials out of our forest.

✓ To preserve the pure and wild location we can only accommodate small groups from 6 to 8 persons. Since we only accommodate small groups the interaction with the guide will be more personal. Providing more privacy and more unique quality time. While sharing our experience of survival and bushcraft techniques.

✓ Not accessible by car: You will be in a secluded location. Exactly the same feeling as when you are hiking in mountains or in large natural reserve.

✓ Many activities close to location: A stay can be combined with other activities to suit personalized itinerary requests. Activities close to location : Grottes de Remouchamps / Wild Safari park Monde Sauvage / Spa / Waterfalls of Coo

✓ 20 min from Liege / 1h15 from Leuven / 1h25 from Brussels / 1h45 from Antwerpen / 1h from Namur / 2h from Gent

Planned adventurous and cultural hiking expeditions to unmapped mountains

We are working on very specific and uncommon expeditions to wildlife and forests that are unmapped. These mountains and forests can only be discovered with a local guide...

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