Living like Indians

We organize a weekend for kids on a safe piece of land. Aiming quality time between parent and kid. The kids will learn to connect with nature by camping in a field. From Saturday morning to Sunday 16.00

Price approximately 75 euro per Kid and 50 euro for Parent


  • Mainly focussed on kids between 6 and 10 years , group maximum 12 kids +6 adults
  • Aiming quality time between parent and their kids
  • Giving them the opportunity to Camp outside for the first time
  • Focussed around stories about how the idians lived
  • 1 adult per 2 kids. We expect the adult to participate and support in some activities as we will have a big campfire and games in the woods
  • Setup the tent in a big circle around our campfire (You need to foresee tent and sleeping material)

Activities of our wild indians

  • Forest walk in which each kid will try to collect materials to build their personal hiking stick (collect: Stick, feathers, leaves or other materials)
  • Kids will personalise their walking sticks with paint and feathers
  • Kids get painted as indians and follow 2 stories about indians and their way of living in balance with nature
  • Preparations for the campfire (Collecting fire wood and sorting it) + Cooking preparations
  • Multiple games

Contact us

Get in touch for any questions or information. We will be happy to provide you some answers.

+32 (0)495 914 752

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